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Hi, I'm Elsa, and I'm the founder of elsADS. I'm a natural observer who likes to figure people out and why they want what they want. I also have an affinity for writing and art and appreciate their communicative aspects that can be used to reinforce the perspective that we are all unique while understanding broader perspectives that we can all connect to. I love pushing normalcy in terms of expressing style to bring visual intrigue to the world and to foster creativity. 





I enjoy getting ideas in motion and feeling the excitement and tangible forward motion of ideation in the marketing process. I love pondering why people behave the way they do, and my passion is to unite people with unconventional co-branding tactics -- to show that even those who seem strikingly different can come together to create a final product that is greater than the sum of its parts. 


The main pillars of this company are to promote products and services in artistic, thought-provoking, and entertaining ways to unite people around the world through shared interests. I cannot wait to work with you!

City Sky

experience       +

KRPT° Creative Studio Community Marketing Intern, London, UK


University of Westminster Business School, London, UK


University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


Helped organize promo and charity events and influencer collaborations, proficient in IMAI influencer platform at an award-winning agency 

Studied marketing, supply chain + psychology and current impacts on retailers worldwide

Studied consumer behavior & marketplace studies, psychology, and entrepreneurship.


experienced in Adobe Creative Cloud


created products to market, completed in case competitions, and consulted a law firm by implementing actionable solutions (web design, SEO). 

Thomas More Society Marketing Manager


Manage social media, sponsorships, our website, and design branded promo items.

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